Delta Electricity

Linking Unstructured Data and Structured Data

Among the asset management life cycle, any incidents must be carefully dealt within organisations. Engineers are required to investigate the issues and document all findings, solutions applied and recommendations for the future. Usually, a semi-structured word template is provided and the final document will be delivered to all relevant stakeholders (e.g. plant managers). These plant outage report (POR) reports are stored in the document management systems or in a public folder on the exchange email server for later retrieval. However, over time, the number of incident reports accumulated, without being properly tagged (e.g. asset id), the incident documents became irretrievable. As a result, the critical historical data and information became unavailable for more effective and efficient problem solving.

Delta Electricity is aware of the value in unstructured data in these unstructured text documents. In order to deliver historical performance data to the field engineers, a special machine-learning text analytics tool is implemented to intelligently match free-flow text to asset registers, thus enabling advance analytics for asset preventive maintenance.