OVAL Online Video Annotation for Learning

Winner of IngiteSA Innovation Grant Р2018

Argsen corporate with UniSA Teaching Innovation Unit to develop a serious of web-based applications to support online learning.

Currently, commercial learning analytics data and processing (e.g. provided in the learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle, Blackboard etc) is similar to that in the business intelligence systems (dashboard and reporting). However, such discussion perhaps unintentionally implies that Big Data is homogenous and monolithic, spanning data gathered for business intelligence, when in fact, there is more than one type of Big Data and more than one source of source systems. For example, unstructured data found in the student evaluation text comments and structured data from the enrolment systems are often not combined to provide further insights for learning analytics.

Together with the University of South Australia, our team has developed a collaborative student group-based online video annotation system. This system sources video from existing online media platform such as Vimeo and Youtube and enables group-based discussion to individual time spots. Concurrently, speech-to-text algorithms are adopted to automatically extract key concepts from the video to automatically recommend related videos and other learning materials from the course.